Avengers Infinity War - Trailer Vs Movie Comparison 4k Uhd

Download Avengers: Infinity War - Trailer Vs Movie Comparison [4K UHD].mp3

A comparison between Avengers: Infinity War trailers (1, 2 & Big Game Spot) and the matching shots from the final film. Some of you guys have been asking for this for months, so here you go. Can I finally have my family back now? Please!!

As you all might have guessed, the main changes made for the purpose of avoiding spoilers were mostly about the number of stones on Thanos' gauntlet, and a few about Thor's eyepatch. The rest of the changes were just due to VFX being in different stages of completion, different shot selections, or deleted scenes (plus a few shots that were shamelessly created only for the trailers).

Besides the regular trailer comparison & the side-by-side keyframe comparison, there's also a newly added "wipe transition comparison" at the end, so the subtle differences can be spotted more easily, but as satisfying as it looks (for me at least), I can't guarantee that I'll do it for every future comparison, simply because how exhausting & time-consuming it was to edit.

ENJOY! :-)

Fun fact: If you look closely, you can see that Tony's Google Glasses magically disappeared at 00:59 as he takes them off in the movie. Anybody knows why? :-)

Clips from 'Avengers: Infinity War' remain courtesy of Marvel Studios.

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